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40% of all small business owners say that accounting and taxes are the worst part of owning a business. Outsource your accounting to us and free yourself up to get on with the business of making money.











We will develop and manage your accounting and payroll activities according to the unique needs of your business.  This includes setting up new systems or reviewing existing , as well as training and coaching employees on efficient processing of transactions.


We will review and reconcile your books on a regular basis and deliver financial reports that give meaninful insight into your business.  


We are cloud-based which gives us access to your books anytime, anywhere.  

The ACCOUNTING SERVICES plan provides more of the day to day

accounting functiuons than the BASICS plan.  This service is

similar to having an in-house accountant who handles many of

the back office functions.  


In addition to the services provided in the BASICS plan the



  • Reconcile bank accounts

  • Reconcile credit card accounts

  • Process payroll

  • File payroll tax returns

  • File sales tax returns

  • File company income tax returns

  • Assist with managing accounts receivable and accounts payable

  • Produce additional financial statements such as cash flow statement, accounts receivable and accounts payable aging reports, etc.

  • One hour per week of phone support

If you already have an accountant our services can be modified so that you can electronically provide your accountant with the books and records necessary to produce tax returns.

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