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Your business has grown and you may have even hired a full-time accountant or bookkeeper. You have covered the basics but you're not getting real insight into what making your business tick.  


You’re selling products or services and you suspect some are making more money than others but you're not really sure. You seem to be working harder but you don't feel you're getting the results you expected.  You need someone to help you understand your numbers and provide guidance to increased profitability.  


Projections, budgets, KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) - they can all help but you can’t afford a full time controller or CFO.  Our Virtual CFO service fills this gap.  


Our experienced team will partner with you and dive into the numbers to develop a road map to your goals.  We will meet regularly to chart progress, analyze performance against expectations and recommend a change in course if needed.  You are no longer alone in guiding your business.  

With our VIRTUAL CFO plan we become your TRUSTED ADVISOR

that can lead & manage financial reporting, budgeting, monitoring

of cash flows, contract negotiations, implementing systems &

controls, compliances,  and strengthen your finance & accounting



Similar to a full-time CFO, we act as your company's CFO as an

integral team member.  We can also represent your company when interacting with your clients, vendors and bankers.  


We offer a variety of CFO services that can be contoured to meet your specific needs and can be adjusted as your needs change.  Below is a sample of the available services we can provide.


  • KPI's (Key Performance Indicators)

    • We will assist in developing key performance indicators of your business and will report on them on a regular basis.


  • Budgets

    • We will prepare your budget and compare to actual results on a regular basis


  • Forecasting

    • Tightly aligned with budgets, we can update forecasts based upon trends or developments


  • Profitability analysis

    • We can analyze your business to determine the true profitability of your products and services


  • Business plans assistance

    • We can provide guidance on developing your own plan,

    • Review your existing plan and make recommendations to the narrative as well as supplement it with detailed financial models, or

    • Sit with you and your team to prepare a detailed business plan with narratives, industry information and financial reports and models supporting the assumptions.


  • Trend analysis

    • We will review your financials and compare them to prior periods as well as the industry to spot trends.


  • Manage external relationships

    • We can manage or assist in your relationships with:

      • bankers,

      • attorneys,

      • insurance agents,

      • vendors,

      • external auditors.


  • Insurance

    • With our broker relationships we can assist in obtaining or evaluating the adequacy of your insurance coverage including:

      • Liability,

      • Property and casualty,

      • Errors and omissions,

      • Directors and Offiiciers

      • Workers compensation.


  • Financing

    • We can assist in obtaining financing from banks and other non traditional sources such as factoring


  • Policies and procedures

    • We can assist in the creation of a variety of different policies and procedures such as:

      • credit and collections,

      • customer terms,

      • vendor terms,

      • monthly closing procedures

      • accounting best practices


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