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Client Testimonials

See what some of our clients say about how FINNancial Group, LLC has helped the growth and profitability of their firms, helped them improve their accounting operations, integrating the latest technology, resulting in saving time and money. 

Co-Founder & VP of Metabolic Living, LLC

Jeff Radich.jpg
Jeff Radich
A serial online entrepreneur for 
21 years.

FINNancial Group, LLC led the charge to oversee the development of every accounting SOP (88), uncovered a huge opportunity for R&D tax credits we never imagined (over 6-figures in refunds), hired and trained our internal accounting department, negotiated on our behalf for 3rd party systems allowing us to optimize our entire accounting methods, designed all financial processes allowing for smooth weekly executive finance meetings. 


Week over week FINNancial Group presented data-driven recommendations that helped us take our company to success.  Patrick Finn, FINNancial Group, is a veteran in his space.  He's very likely seen it all.  We knew exactly what we needed from him. From systems development, hiring, negotiating, forecasting to analysis, there wasn't one task that made Patrick flinch.  He has the experience to execute on your financial objectives and the wisdom to tell you what direction you should go.  He's very versatile. 

Vicky Apadulia.jpg
Victoria Apadula

Director of Finance at the Center for Great Expectations

Finnancial Group, LLC has been able to advise our agency and help us make improvements that benefit in time-saving and expense reduction and they definitely provide top notch service!  

The professionalism and dedication to providing our agency with the latest financial advice and updated technology is the one thing that really sets FINNancial Group apart from other accounting firms.  

Image of Jim Peterson.jpg

President of Princeton Geoscience, Inc

FINNancial Group always goes the extra mile.  The latest and most vivid example is the weekend responses we received from Patrick while in the course of a fast-paced office purchase, where we needed analyses of several potential outcomes related to business and personal tax consequences.  In this particular situation, Patrick’s past experience in commercial real estate development was a nice point of synergy as well.

You should do business with FINNancial Group because they will rapidly and cost-effectively help you to measurably improve your business or personal financial circumstances in the present and future. 

Personal attention and dedication to the cause, your cause is the one thing that really sets FINNancial Group apart from other accounting firms.

Peterson James, PG , LSRP
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